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membership and yomim noraim 5780


Full Member Seats

Full Membership includes 2 adult seats for both RH and YK

Additional seats for a child (10+) can be reserved for $36

Please consider an additional contribution (the selected amount can easily be broken into automatic recurring monthly payments at checkout!). Additional support for the shul is vital, as membership dues alone will not be sufficient to cover the budget. The shul is a vital part of so many peoples' lives in the community and can only continue to grow in vitality through your support. 

Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur


Impt: This is to enable the correct $ at checkout - it's the maximum total number of children's seats you'll be purchasing. Example: If 1 Kid Seat for RH and 1 Kid Seat for YK, select 1. If 1 Kid Seat for RH and 2 Kid Seats for YK, select 2. If 0 Kid Seats for RH and 1 Kid Seat for YK, select 1, etc...
To assist in planning, please use dropdowns above to specify when exactly you'll need the seats, bearing in mind limited space, e.g. if pay for 1 seat but do not need it only need is 1 or 2 of the days, select that above.

Please specify any special seating request. 


Non-Member / Associate Member / Guest / Add'l Adult Seat ($75 per seat)

Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur


Impt: Seat purchases cover each person  for both RH and YK. Therefore, add up the total number of people you're purchasing for, counting each person once regardless of which days they plan to attend. Then, to assist our planning, please use the quantity selections above per days planned to attend.

Please specify any special arrangements


Please note: 

Children under 10 cannot be reserved a seat.

Registration for seats will close by Friday, 9/25/19 at 3 PM.

Seats will be assigned at the discretion of the shul. The seating chart will be visible on the wall inside the shul.


Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782